People in New York to Start Using the Word ‘Snow’ With Its Original Meaning This Weekend


FYI everybody, in case you didn’t know it, there’s a huge blizzard coming to town this weekend. It’s coming from Florida, raising water to knee-deep levels in downtown Miami in places. It’ll bring cold temperatures like today’s, gusts of wind up to 30 miles per hour, and seven to ten inches of snow. To those of you (everyone) who has a lot of holiday buying left to do, bet you’re not feeling so snobby about people in the suburbs who go shopping in malls now, are ya? And to those of you (everyone) who says they don’t mind the cold as long as pretty snow comes with it, we’ll be checking in around midnight when you are trying to catch a nonexistent available cab in a sea of freezing whitish-brown muck.

Just kidding, we love snow! And we love all your cute little winter outfits! See you in Soho tomorrow for last-minute shopping!

Let It Snow: NYC Preps for the White Stuff [NBC NewYork]
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