People Want to Watch Fox Watch Obama


Out of the cable-news networks, viewers overwhelmingly chose to watch President Obama’s speech last night on Fox News: 4.55 million people tuned in, almost half of what the largest broadcast network pulled in for the speech (NBC at 10.5 million) and almost catching up to the regular Fox Network’s 5.1 million. It blew CNN and MSNBC out of the water with their 2.35 million and 1.56 million, respectively. But the most interesting numbers came immediately after the speech, when a full 663,000 additional people tuned in to Fox to hear the reactions to the speech. It’s official: When it comes to reacting to President Obama, everyone wants to watch Fox News. Now they just need to develop parallel programming where they can heckle him directly during his speeches, like Alexis Stewart does to her mom on Whatever, Martha!

Fox News Dominates with Obama Coverage [TVNewser/Mediabistro]