New Yorker Responds to Being Called Miserable by Putting Other People Down


So, Times columnist Clyde Haberman found out about that study that claimed New Yorkers are the unhappiest people in the country. As you may recall, said study predictably pissed off some New Yorkers, because for starters, our level of happiness here is nobody's beeswax. But leave it to ol' Clyde to put things in perspective.

First of all, he reminded us that no one is "really" happy, least of all those jerks who moved out of the city for "space" and "quality of life" reasons:

At least New Yorkers can take comfort in knowing that their immediate neighbors in Connecticut (No. 50) and New Jersey (No. 49) are not appreciably happier.

That is comforting, especially when you factor in how bad they must feel about being total wusses who can't take the big city.

Secondly, he delicately brought up the good point that some people in the happier states are poor — like, for-real poor, not "can't do DBDG till next paycheck" poor, and therefore, they can't possibly be happy.

Not to be unkind, but some states that made the Top 10 are among the poorest in the country. Are people there truly happy, or are they wearing “What, me worry?” smiles.

Clyde doesn't say this, but it's possible those people are also on heavy suburban drugs, which might make them think they are happy. Who worries when they're on Oxycontin?

There's one thing he neglects to point out, though, which is that while those other states may be happier, at least we're thinner.

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