Raj Rajaratnam Liked Dwarfs, Stun Guns, and Hot Sauce


We already know that Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam likes personalized hip-hop videos and having female employees prance around in spandex. So at this point pretty much anything we learn about him won't come as much of a surprise. At least that's what we thought until we learned about the dwarf.

The Wall Street Journal has a sprawling article running through the life and times of Rajaratnam. Among the best anecdotes is the story of a little April Fools' Prank he once pulled:

... employees arrived at Galleon's morning meeting to a surprise: In the conference room was a dwarf whom Mr. Rajaratnam introduced as an analyst hired to cover "small-cap" stocks. He was, in fact, an actor hired for an April Fool's Day gag.

Then there's the one about the stun gun:

When executives from stun-gun maker Taser International Inc. came to make an investment pitch around 2005, Mr. Rajaratnam offered $5,000 to anyone who'd agree to be shocked. Employees gathered around as two people propped up trader Keryn Limmer at the elbows and another person fired the weapon. Ms. Limmer's legs buckled beneath her from the shock.

And, lest we forget, the hot sauce:

After Mr. Rajaratnam boasted one day that there was no spicy sauce that he couldn't stomach, a colleague brought a bottle of habanero sauce called Armageddon to the trading desk. A crowd gathered to watch as Mr. Rajaratnam doused two chicken wings with it and chowed down. Within moments, Mr. Rajaratnam was crying and coughing uncontrollably. He ran to the bathroom and left work early.

Clearly this man belongs on television, not in jail.

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