Religion and Bikes Do Not Mix


The holy war between Williamsburg bicyclists and Williamsburg orthodox Jews over a bike lane on Bedford Avenue has turned into a battle of nighttime guerrilla-painting. A few days after the city relocated a stretch of Bedford’s designated bike lanes last week, a group of bicyclists decided to repaint the lanes themselves overnight. Victory! Short-lived and easily negated victory, it turns out! Because last night the repainted lane was once again removed by the Department of Transportation.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn Heights, another feud between religious types and bikers is heating up over police indifference to churchgoers parking in the bike lane during services. Worshippers don’t think it’s a big deal — they’re trying to pray to God over there, hello? — but, obviously, bicyclists don’t sympathize. The reason religion and bicyclists have a hard time getting along, it seems, is that bicyclists are simply more concerned with a secure path down the street than a secure path to salvation.

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