Salahis Weren't the First to Dupe the Secret Service


Tareq and Michaele Salahi may have squeaked by a Secret Service checkpoint and gotten close enough to the president to smell his hair, but they are by no means the first. In 2003 the Secret Service compiled a report of every time crazies breached its lines since 1980 and the number totaled an astounding 91. According to the Washington Post, the list includes:

officers mistakenly admitting to the White House grounds a family in a minivan, a man believed to be a delivery driver, and a woman previously known to agents after she had falsely claimed a "special relationship" with Bill Clinton.

Of those 91 mostly harmless gatecrashing incidents, the intruders reached the president only eight times. The Salahis, however, were the first to feel-up the vice-president.

Secret Service listed 91 breaches
[Washington Post]