Senate Democrats Break GOP Filibuster on Spending Bill


Republicans in the Senate early this morning tried to filibuster a necessary military-spending bill — one that they normally rally behind and have criticized Democrats for politicizing in the past. But Democrats managed to line up 63 votes to block the filibuster and continue debate on the bill. The GOP effort was aimed at stalling debate on the real big issue on the table: health care. They’re planning on filibustering that, too, and will likely have better luck. Meanwhile, tensions are running high in the Senate, and many are directed at Joe Lieberman, the flip-flopping Democrat who is doing his best to block passage of his caucus’s reforms. Witness this C-SPAN clip (via Gawker) of Minnesota senator Al Franken shutting down Lieberman on the floor, only to himself be scolded by John McCain. This is getting dramatic, people.