Sex and the City 2 Trailer Reveals We’re in for Another Two-Hour-Long Infomercial


God, sorry. Why are we being such a bitch about the trailer for the second Sex and the City movie? There are a lot of good things about it: the sweeping aerial shots of New York City, the swelling chords of “Empire State of Mind” (a song we’re generally sick of but the usage of which feels completely correct here). Against all odds, we’re happy to see those four bitches again, glad to see that Carrie and Big are still working out, that Samantha has gotten over being fat, that Charlotte has a big fat baby and Miranda’s hair is still good, and that they’re all going on vacation together because “sometimes you have to get away with the girls.”

But we can’t help but wonder: Do they have to do it wearing so much freaking stuff? We’re pretty sure we saw a snood at one point, or whatever that other sort of arcane head-scarf thing is that Betty Grable used to wear, and does Carrie maybe have a jewel hanging from her head in that pool scene in Morocco? Didn’t Sarah Jessica Parker make noise about how this movie was going to be recession-friendly? (Google: Yes.) Not that we expected the Carrie-actors (ha?) to wear sacks or even J.Crew — and we get that conspicuous consumption is a large part of the appeal of the franchise — but they might have at least lost the gold-mirrored sunglasses. Anyway: We’re glad the girls are back, but we’re not sure we’re ready to welcome all that stuff back again, too.