Shoe Thrown at Iraqi Shoe Thrower, More Shoe Throwing Ensues


Today, famed Iraqi shoe-throwing journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi learned what it’s like to walk a mile in George W. Bush’s shoes. During a publicity event in Paris to promote his “campaign for the ‘victims of the US occupation in Iraq,’” an Iraqi man who defended the United States’ actions in Iraq threw his shoe at al-Zeidi, who proved just as capable as Bush at dodging projectile footwear. The man, later identified as only “Khayat,” was quickly escorted out of the room, but not before Zeidi’s brother exacted revenge by hitting him with his shoe. By the time it was all over, barely anyone in the room was wearing any shoes at all! Nah, it was actually just those two.

Iraqi journalist turns tables on shoe thrower [AFP via Google]
Iraqi shoe-thrower finds out what it was like [AP via Google]
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