So Sarah Palin and Barney Frank Walk Into a Room Full of Journalists ...


Every year, elite journalist group the Gridiron Club of Washington, D.C., hosts a big spring dinner where the media puts on a show teasing politicians. This year Obama made headlines by being the first president to skip it since Grover Cleveland. Lesser known, though, is the winter dinner hosted by the 65-member group, which is a more low-key affair that doesn’t garner as much attention. Until this year: Co-headlining the event are Sarah Palin and Barney Frank, who are both scheduled to give speeches. Traditionally, the speeches at this event are humorous in nature, which really gets us thinking. What happens when an infamously curmudgeonly, schlubby, liberal, gay congressman from New England and an impeccably coiffed, perky, pretty, Über-conservative former governor from Alaska get together and try to do something that’s more hilarious than the situation they’re already in? Unfortunately, we’ll never know: The dinner is traditionally off the record. Alas.

Hahahahahaahaha. Just kidding. Like Bush’s in 2008, obviously both of their performances will be either leaked or reported. That is, if the presence of the two of them in the same room does not set off an electromagnetic detonation, exploding every tape recorder, iPhone, and video camera in a one-mile radius.

Palin, Frank to Speak at Gridiron Dinner [Caucus/NYT]