Some Lucky Lawyers Will Be Picked to Defend the 9/11 Plotters


A couple of weeks ago we remarked that many New Yorkers would probably be itching to get onto one of the juries that decides the fate of the accused 9/11 plotters, so that they could personally dole out justice to the people who attacked us. But we doubt there’s going to be such a clamor to serve as the alleged terrorists’ defense attorneys, especially since said attorneys are honor-bound to work just as hard to defend a terrorist as to defend, say, a man accused of stealing medicine for his sick grandma. Of course, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and friends may decide to represent themselves at trial, so as to rant completely unfettered by the advice of their legal counsel. But regardless, there’s a list containing about twenty veterans of previous death penalty and terrorism cases who are up for consideration as the plotters’ legal representation. Some of them are more open to the possibility than others. For example, Avraham C. Moskowitz, “a 52-year-old Columbia Law graduate and former federal prosecutor who describes himself as a committed Zionist, who has family in Israel, and whose brother was in the World Trade Center when it was attacked in 1993,” is, unsurprisingly, not too keen on the idea.

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