Students at James Madison High in Brooklyn Will Never Take Their Hot Teachers Seriously Ever Again


Just a day after a report that two female teachers at James Madison High were busted topless in a classroom together comes a report that another female teacher was doing her best to undermine the rest of her colleagues. Sources say that social-studies teacher Allison Mussacchio has been suspended for exchanging over 200 texts and calls with an underage male student. She was busted when the student’s ex-girlfriend, for whatever reason, managed to spot the boy’s number on Mussacchio’s phone. Apparently the teachers from yesterday’s scandal, Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito, will be joining her in suspension as they wait for their cases to be resolved by public-school brass. But we’re guessing that the wild gossip and speculation on the part of their former students won’t stop just because they’re out of the building — teachers awaiting disciplinary action are forced to report to what the school system calls “rubber rooms.” Think about that: Three Hot Teachers in a Rubber Room? If that doesn’t sound like a porno high-school students would love, we don’t know what does.

’Horndog High’ scandal heats up: Allison Musacchio joins nude teachers Mauro, Brito in hot water [NYDN]