Sundered: Uma Thurman and Arki Busson


This morning, Cindy Adams barked out a disturbing and cryptic announcement that the pending union between blonde movie star Uma Thurman and dashing Swiss financier and Elle Macpherson-impregnator Arki Busson was off. Cindy, who may or may not have gotten the information from inside her amazing bouffant, recounted the events thusly:

Whatever, came a spat. She walked out in a huff. There was no serious intent to break up, but it made the other side think this engagement should maybe be broken off. So she drew first blood, but it was only a nick. He killed it off, and the waltz has ended. Quietly. And politely. As happens in that small circle of the world's most privileged beings.I don't know more. I'm lucky I know this.

Cindy suspects that Uma broke it off because Arki had lost much of his fortune to Bernie Madoff, but we don't think that's true: Uma's a Buddhist, she doesn't require any material possessions.

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