Tepid Climate-Change Agreement Reached After Obama ‘Bursts’ Into India/Brazil/China Meeting


A tentative deal has been reached in Copenhagen among world leaders struggling to address climate change without making sacrifices each country would deem too severe. Expected to be included in this agreement is a commitment by developed nations to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, to create a finance mechanism to handle any agreement, to set a climate "mitigation target" of 2 degrees Celsius, to create a high-level panel to monitor carbon emissions, and to push for increased transparency in how they are being dealt with. This falls short of the American goal of setting a 2010 goal for a binding agreement on emission standards and monitoring. But it looks like Obama's anger from this morning actually achieved some good:

The deal came after a dramatic moment in which Mr. Obama burst into a meeting of the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian leaders, according to senior administration officials. Chinese protocol officers protested, and Mr. Obama said he did not want them negotiating in secret. The intrusion led to new talks that cemented key terms of the deal, American officials said.

So ... things sometimes do happen the way they did on the West Wing? Only with less satisfying endings?

Climate Deal Announced, but Falls Short of Expectations [NYT]
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