Thanks, Facebook, for Revealing the Activities of the Skull and Bones Society Are Actually Totally Banal


We like to think that if Daily Intel Chris, a Yale grad, was here this week he would have shielded us from the pictures of Skull and Bones society members that, uncovered by Facebook’s privacy snafu, are now on Gawker. That he would have distracted us from them by spinning spine-tingling stories about lavish dinners in which S&B members toasted each other’s fabulousness with blood drunk from the skulls of kids from the local community college. But no. He is all “I’m dealing with a personal issue this week” (read: “I have to be on a juice diet in case I get invited to be on the Today show”), and so we’re forced to regard these pictures from the page of one Haruko Castro, which reveal what the storied Skull and Bones really is: a bunch of dumb college students doing dumb college kid stuff. We have to say, this is the first thing in this whole saga that’s really pissed us off. Next they’re going to show us pictures of a Freemasons meeting, shots of the Texas Book Depository and the grassy knoll that prove without a doubt the identity of JFK’s shooter, and the exact contents of Lady Gaga’s pants, and then there will be no great mysteries left in America.

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