That Levi Johnston Shoot Didn’t Pan Out As Expected for Playgirl


Unsurprisingly, “nowhere near enough people” paid Playgirl’s $19.95 online fee to see Levi Johnston’s non-naked photo shoot, but now the magazine claims to have nude photos of Tiger Woods, which, based on the size of his dating roster, shouldn’t be too hard to come by these days. Robert Pattinson globally set tween hearts aflutter by telling Italian Vanity Fair, “I am single.” And Rachel Weisz has a thing for his “rebel vibe.” Lindsay Lohan tweets while child-saving in New Delhi, “This is what life is about … Doing THIS is a life worth living!!! Oh, and I’m talking about being in India.” Lohan also started dating model and Il Bastardo owner Adam Senn, best known as the player who stomped all over Allie Crandel’s heart on last season of The City. No one picks winners like LiLo!

As George Stephanopoulos heads to Good Morning America, Jake Tapper, Terry Moran, and Gwen Ifill vie for his This Week spot. Ann Curry, Dan Rather, and Katie Couric celebrated Dan Abrams’s new site, Mediaite, where Couric quipped that she and her assistant are “planning a pairs figure skating dance routine” based on those photographed dance moves that recently sprouted up on the Internet. Rocco DiSpirito made a molten chocolate cake for lunching ladies at the Philharmonic Capital Advisors event, and “it was almost sexual, the way they reacted to that cake.” Carrie Underwood says Simon Cowell is “not the smartest person I know.” Adam Lambert gushes that he was thinking about sex during his AMA performance. And Johnny Depp has yet to see Public Enemies, the film he’s in Tokyo to promote. But he “hear[s] great things about it.”

Brazilian friends of the Bundchens say Gisele is thinking of naming her baby Gabriel. And the single mother of Tom Brady’s other child, Bridget Moynahan, “wish[es] them the best.” Kate Hudson is not pregnant with A-Rod’s baby. Even though Jake Gyllenhaal supposedly just moved out of Reese Witherspoon’s home, he’s going to pop the question over the holidays. After denying a breakup with Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake partied and left with a slew of pretty girls (and Brett Ratner) at Timbaland’s album-release party at Hudson Terrace. Heiress turned criminal Casey Johnson stretched out her fifteen minutes of fame by making out with Tila Tequila in front of Ryan Phillippe and Lamar Odom. Tequila claims the pair is engaged, boasting, “My baby is a billionaire! She’s the heiress of Johnson and Johnson. We are going to make love tonight for our honeymoon.” And Liza Minnelli settled a $100 million lawsuit with M’hammed Soumayah, the bodyguard who accused Minnelli of drunkenly beating him and forcing him to bed her.