The Atmosphere Does Not Care How Rich You Are


Wealthy neighborhoods have a lot of advantages. Increased security, clean sidewalks, good schools, and historically correct houses. But it turns out there's one thing that doesn't care how much money you have, and that is the air. According to a map released by the Health Department's New York City Community Air Survey today:

The Upper East Side of Manhattan, a posh neighborhood famed for luxury buildings ... has a high number of dangerous pollutants in the air.

As you might imagine, residents of the neighborhood, who apparently assumed anywhere moneyed must be safe, are shocked and appalled by this revelation. And by residents, we mean the mayor of the damn city.

From the Daily News:

"There are wealthy neighborhoods where the map is really surprising," Mayor Bloomberg told reporters while at a climate summit conference in Copenhagen.

Yeah. Better get to work on that, Mr. Mayor.

Posh Upper East Side has some of city's most polluted air: survey [NYDN]
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