The Hottest Spot in Palm Beach in Post-Madoff Times? Consignment Shops


After the one-two punch of the recession and the dissolution of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, businesses are a little off their game down in Palm Beach — most of them, at least, except for consignment stores, which the Post today tells us are experiencing unprecedented success. From the Post's Mark Ellwood:

One storeowner told me how a regular consigner, the wife of a multimillionaire in pre-Madoff times, had arrived a few months ago, her arms loaded with gowns. "I told her to bring some back tomorrow, and not to worry, but she looked at me and said ‘I won’t even have a car then, they’re taking it.’"

That's sort of a sad story. Not as empathetic are anecdotes like these: "Lots of people who would have donated [to charity] last year are now consigning," says one consignment-store owner. "They’d have given the stuff to their maids, but now they bring it in here and don’t want their maids to know they’ve taken it out of the house." Aw, and just like that, our sympathy goes up in smoke.

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