The New Sex and the City Movie Poster and Tagline Arrive


Remember for the first Sex and the City movie, the promotional tagline was, “This May, get Carried away”? This caused us to gag and suggest that instead it should have been, “This May, find out who got into Stanford!” Well, the new poster is out, and from it we learn two things: one, that the twist of this movie is that Carrie apparently goes blind, and two, that they haven’t given up on their “Carrie” puns. We guess it’s appropriate, as Carrie herself loves puns, but is that really the best they could do? “Carrie on”? Wouldn’t “Since this menopause kicked in we’ve been Carrie-ing so much water weight” have been more appropriate? Or no, even better: “Guess we got Carried away beating this beloved franchise to death.”

Sex and the City Poster [Popsugar]