The Women of Tiger Woods

Photo: Patrick McMullan

If we learned anything from the many, many women who have come forward to claim affairs with Tiger Woods in the past week, it’s that, like Bill Clinton, the professional golfer has a type. His is busty and usually blonde. She enjoys “modeling,” carrying drinks on trays, sex with married famous people, and probably appletinis. She hates mean people and giving a simple yes or no answer to questions about whether she is sleeping with someone else’s husband (unless they are paying). Most of all, the alleged Tiger Woods mistress would like to be famous. And as the blanket coverage of the affair has shown, the world is only too happy to comply. The trouble is, with more and more of these gals coming out of the, er, woods every day, they’re getting harder and harder to keep track of. So we made a little slideshow, so that you can get to know each of these women as the individuals.