Madonna, Fegie, and Kidman at Nine Premiere


At the New York premiere of Nine last night, Broadway legend Tommy Tune was walking around telling people who he thought would really appreciate the film: Tiger Woods. “It’s a really fine film, and what’s fascinating is that it’s premiering on this day of infidelity, on the day they found another woman in the life of overblessed Tiger Woods,” he told us. “You know, there’s a little bit of [the film’s protagonist] Guido in everybody, but he seems to have gotten a larger portion.” We’ll say. “I hope he sees it. I think it will help him. Because it takes a very understanding view of infidelity and then makes a case for fidelity, which is, you know, a rare thing in this world,” Tune added. “It’s on the mark!” Rob Marshall, who directed the film and probably spies a great marketing tie-in (see our reimagined poster here), could not agree more. “It’s very timely. I felt that way when we were working on it because we’ve seen a lot of powerful figures fall from grace and sort of find themselves in this incredibly vulnerable position after having created a web of lies and deceit. Our movie is very much a cautionary tale about that,” he said. “It’s funny how it resonates. Tony Bennett said that to me tonight: ‘Tiger Woods should see this film.’ To me it’s about a man who needs to begin again.”