The World’s Most Secretive Hedge-Fund Manager Once Went on TV to Talk About His Relationship


Shortly after they were married in 1992, Steve Cohen, the notoriously secretive hedge-fund manager at SAC Capital, and his second wife, Alex, went on the short-lived English-language version of the popular talk show Christina. The episode? “He Acts Like Her Husband!” The subject discussed? Steve’s too-close relationship with his ex-wife, Patricia Cohen, who recently filed a $300 million lawsuit against him. If your reaction is, “What the fucking fuck? That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard!” then you are correct. “You used to talk to this woman three hours at a time,” the host shamed Cohen. “I wasn’t emotionally separated yet,” he responds. “And she had gotten involved with me at a time where that’s what I was, and I’m not embarrassed to say it.” Well, we bet he is now. But one thing he shouldn’t be ashamed of is the lush mane of hair he’s rocking.