Tomorrow Night You’ll See the Moon, Even in Times Square


In an abnormal astronomical situation, you might see a very bright full moon on New Year’s Eve tomorrow. It’s a blue moon — that is, the second full moon in a month — which is a pretty rare occurrence. It only happens once every two to three years, and once every nineteen on New Year’s Eve. While the moon won’t actually be particularly blue, it should be bright enough to be seen even among the blazing screens of Times Square. Or it would be, if we weren’t scheduled to get showered with a “wintry mix” tomorrow night. We’ve never really understood what a “wintry mix” is, but we know it’s terrible, and certainly not something you want to have to face on New Year’s Eve. Kind of like Ryan Seacrest. Or a cold sore.

Rare New Year’s Eve ‘blue moon’ to ring in 2010 [AP]