Watch the Gay-Marriage Debate Unfold Live


It looks like the Senate will indeed hold a vote on gay marriage sometime today, though at this point, it’s impossible to tell how it will turn out. But you can follow along with the debate live online. So far, openly gay senator Tom Duane has already spoken about his hope to have the same rights as everyone else, Ruben Diaz Sr. expressed his opposition to the legislation and preference for a popular referendum, Eric Schneiderman appealed to the ideals of our founding fathers, and African-American Eric Adams passionately and stirringly drew parallels to racial discrimination.

Update: So far only Democrats have spoken, with Ruben Diaz Sr. representing those opposed to the marriage-equality bill. Republican State Senator Marty Golden told New York that he anticipates the bill will fail 38–22. But so far at least one surprise has come today: Ruth Hassell-Thompson, a Democrat from Westchester who had been counted in the “No” camp, gave a stirring speech about her family, including her gay brother and minister sister, and declared that she’d be voting “Yes” on the bill.

[NYS Senate Live]