Who's to Blame for the Death of the Public Option?


President Obama, if you ask Senator Russ Feingold. The outspoken Wisconsinite says he will support the Senate's current health care bill, but he's not pleased about the White House's unwillingness to go to bat for the public option:

"Unfortunately, the lack of support from the administration made keeping the public option in the bill an uphill struggle. Removing the public option from the Senate bill is the wrong move, and eliminates $25 billion in savings. I will be urging members of the House and Senate who draft the final bill to make sure this essential provision is included," he said in a statement.

Of course, a revival of the public option is unlikely, so the best way to get Feingold to shut up is to fill his office with cash. It worked with Ben Nelson!

Feingold: Obama Responsible For Loss Of Public Option [HuffPo]