With Rudy Out, Things Could Go Either Way for Gillibrand


So, now that Rudy Giuliani has decided not to run for the Senate next year, how are things looking for Kirsten Gillibrand, the Senator he would have been challenging? Both good and bad!

The Times thinks Rudy’s refusal is a win for Gillibrand, who won’t have to face a proven, popular figure, unless George Pataki decides to come out of retirement. Instead, she’ll likely go up against a completely anonymous Republican. Bloomberg News thinks it’s good, too, since “Giuliani was likely Gillibrand’s strongest challenger.” But Talking Points Memo chimes in with an interesting perspective: Maybe losing Rudy was the worst thing that could have happened to Gillibrand. With his baggage and a proven ability to bungle big elections, Rudy might have been the exact opponent Gillibrand wanted. Now that Republicans don’t seem to be a threat to the first-term Senator, she should look at her own party: The door may have just opened for Bill Thompson.

New York G.O.P. Lacks Big Name to Head 2010 Slate [NYT]