It Just Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas in New York This Year


It’s weird: When we look around, we see that all of the elements are in place. Snow? Check. Ice-skating tourists at Rockefeller Center? Check. An extra two pounds comprised of cheese and booze on our ass? Check. But it feels as though something is missing. What is it? Oh, yes: Crazed, bleary-eyed bankers pre-spending their disgustingly large bonuses. The social anthropologists at USA Today identified the profound and yet totally subtle way in which life in New York is different this holiday season from how it was in the olden days.

At Craft, the holiday party-givers are ordering $80 bottles of wine, not $150 bottles like they used to.

Gosh, that’s sad. But take heart, Katie: We can’t possibly be doomed to drink $80 bottles of wine at holiday parties forever. Not least because considering the way the dollar is going, wine is going to get much more expensive.

Jingle, jingle all the way for Wall Street [USA Today]