Witness One New York Apartment Terror You Didn’t Even Think to be Afraid of: The Creeper


Though this video does not really pass the smell test (it’s getting sent around by this apartments blog, which is probably out for publicity), it does raise an interesting point. If you have an apartment with strange nooks, crannies, and storage spaces, would you really know if someone was living in it with you? According to the poster of the video, this clip of a woman creeping through a couple’s apartment at night, unbeknownst to them, “is every bit as real and messed up as it seems.” We’re not sure about “real,” but “messed up,” definitely. How would you know? Would you, like the guy in the video, even notice if the levels on your beverages were lower, or that there were slightly fewer snacks each day? And if you did, wouldn’t you just assume you had been sleep-eating, or that your roommate or partner was a secret pig? We’d definitely go through those options before it would even occur to us that there might be a person involved. Hell, we’d assume it was a ghost before we thought of this. And this is somehow even scarier than a ghost.