Zach Galifianakis Likes Living in Brooklyn Because He Doesn’t Have to Bathe


Chelsea-based porn star Holly Sampson is “not denying that she bedded Tiger Woods,” claiming she last canoodled with him a month ago at Butter. Tiger, meanwhile, issued a thank-you note to his fans. Lindsay Lohan posed nude in a ménage a trois photo shoot at the Chateau Marmont for a scandalous spread in the Muse magazine. Photographer Yu Tsai describes Lilo in the Kate Moss and Johnny Depp–inspired shoot: “When you see her nipple, it just happened in the moment … Lindsay is incredibly focused where it comes to her career and fashion is her passion. It’s raw, it’s exposed, this is her at her best.” Eva Mendes has a thing for Kate Winslet. Courtney Love claims that Britney Spears’s father molested her as a child, but Spears’s rep denies it. Someone stole $583,000 worth of Victoria Beckham’s dresses from a van en route to Heathrow. And at L.A.’s Up in the Air premiere, Zach Galifianakis says he likes his Brooklyn home because “in the neighborhood I live in, I don’t have to bathe. And that’s nice.”

Robert De Niro and Bruce Springsteen received Kennedy Center honors last night for their contributions to U.S. culture and the arts. De Niro also lamented New York’s loss of Miramax at the Tribeca Film Institute’s benefit event, while Drew Barrymore referred to him as ‘Daddy D.’ Susan Boyle is slated to sing at the White House for Michelle Obama’s 46th birthday on January 17. Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend, actor Adam Shulman, watched Cate Blanchett in BAM’s A Streetcar Named Desire. Robin Williams celebrated the last New York performance on his “Weapons of Self Destruction” tour with toasts from Salman Rushdie, Carrie Fisher, John Stamos, and Robert De Niro at Gabriel’s. Alexa Ray Joel was released from St. Vincent’s hospital after her suicide attempt on Saturday. And some New York parents rented Yankee Stadium for their son’s bar mitzvah.

Jeremy Piven was treated to a lap dance at West Hollywood club Teddy’s while Eva Longoria-Parker partied nearby. Amy Adams and her fiancé have a baby on the way. Tinsley Mortimer’s father, George, was thrown out of Michael Fredo’s jazz show at the Plaza when he drunkenly stumbled onstage, stole the mike, and started singing “New York, New York” in front of Martha Stewart, Woody Allen, and Courtney Love. Oliver Stone and Joy Behar dined at A Voce. John McEnroe and Patty Smyth passed around what seemed to be a joint during a discussion on marijuana reform during Vito Schnabel’s dinner at the Miami W. And two non-Pratt stars of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here have been charged with animal cruelty for killing and cooking a rat.