Barbara Walters: NBC Tried to Poach Me


Today on The View, Barbara Walters addressed the ongoing Conan-Leno scheduling mess by assuring viewers that NBC does not only care about its younger talent and viewers. “Last June, NBC came to me,” Walters said, “and to my amazement made me an offer to come back to NBC News. And at my age, it was a very flattering offer.” Walters said she met with Jeff Zucker, NBC News president Steve Capus, and Washington bureau chief Mark Whitaker. She would have had the option to keep her daytime gig at The View, she added. “It was a very difficult decision,” she explained. “I chose not to go because I have been very happy at ABC.” Walters was touched be the offer (and probably even more so by the improved contract we imagine she got to stay put). “The fact that they would make an offer to someone of my age and consider that I still had years ahead was something that I think said something about them, and NBC.”

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