Be Patient, Dying People. Health-Care Reform Will Happen When It Happens


Well, you could have seen this coming. With Republicans holding a 41-seat majority in the Senate, and Democrats realizing that voters care a lot more about everything else, congressional leaders say they "no longer felt pressure to move quickly on a health bill." And really, what's the rush? Right, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid?

"We’re not on health care now,” Mr. Reid said. “We’ve talked a lot about it in the past.”

He added, “There is no rush,” and noted that Congress still had most of this year to work on the health bills passed in 2009 by the Senate and the House.

Totally. Hold on, we're getting a call on the other line. It's Harry Reid from December.

"As I mentioned earlier, on average, an American dies from lack of health insurance every 10 minutes. That means that in the short time I have been speaking, our broken system has claimed another life. Another American has died a preventable death."

Jeez, that's terrible. Nevertheless, the politics of health-care reform are very delicate right now, so — wait, hold on, this December Harry Reid is still talking. Guy won't shut up.

“So as our citizens face heart-rending decisions every day, tonight every Senator has a choice to make as well. That choice: Are you going to do all you can to avert the next preventable death?”

You know, actually, maybe December Harry Reid should use his magic time-travel phone to tell January Harry Reid that there might be kind of a rush after all.

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