Bill Thompson Will Run for Mayor in 2013


Former Comptroller Bill Thompson plans to take another crack at becoming New York's mayor in 2013. Coming off of a closer-than-anyone-expected loss to Mayor Bloomberg in November, Thompson announced today that he won't seek statewide office this year, choosing instead to flash his face around the city so people remember who is.

“I’m not going to fade away; it’s important to stay involved and talk about the issues that impact New Yorkers,” he said. “I don’t know what the public vehicle will be, or how I’m going to continue to stay out there, but I am going to do that.”

Here's a suggestion: Thompson should spend the next two and a half years convincing the City Council to keep its paws off of term limits. Otherwise Thompson is going to spend 2013 fighting off The Fourth Terminator.

Thompson to Run for Mayor in 2013