'Billboard Mistress' Family Says She Didn't Know Charles Phillips had a Wife


Family members of YaVaughnie Wilkins, the lady who plastered those billboards of herself and Oracle president (and economic adviser to the Obama Administration) Charles Phillips in Times Square and elsewhere this week, tell the Post that Wilkins and Phillips lived together for years as a couple and that Wilkins was unaware that Phillips was still married. A cousin of Wilkins said: "The only time he wasn't with her was when he was traveling on business. I have no idea now whether he really was on business trips. It's all very upsetting. He was a real part of the family." Okay, but what about those billboards, the indisputable work of a crazy person?:

"She wanted to show that she was not insignificant to him, that the relationship was real," Davila said. "She thought friends and family would go to the site. She didn't expect it to turn into what it is."

Obviously it's called getting over a breakup gracefully while preserving one's dignity and self-respect, but if that's not an option, as it clearly wasn't here, it's called Facebook!

Billboard Mistress was duped: kin [NYP]