How Many Times Have Brangelina ‘Broken Up’ These Past Two Years?

Photo: Courtesy of In Touch

Over the weekend, rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were breaking up reached such a fever pitch that actual real news outlets started reporting it. It wasn’t long before there was another wave of denials, and this particular story line simmered down. Still, it got us to wondering: Why did it take so long for this to reach the mainstream news? The celebrity weeklies have been reporting the demise of America’s Most Important Common-Law Marriage (sorry, Kurt and Goldie) for years now. Almost every single cover of Life & Style or In Touch has the two on the cover in some capacity, and roughly half of those incidences relate to them breaking up. (That doesn’t even include cover stories like “REVENGE PREGNANCY,” “JEALOUS RAGE OVER JEN,” and “ANGELINA HUMILIATED BRAD.”) So we decided, in order to give credit where credit is due, to go back through a year or so worth of the sister magazines and point out how many times they told us this story before the slowpokes in the mainstream media deigned to address it.