Brett Favre Gives Elin Nordegren a Big Shoulder to Cry On


Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper showed up at Bing Supper Club, along with Adrien Brody, Adrian Grenier, Wilmer Valderrama, Kevin Connolly, and Harvey Weinstein to support Holy Rollers, about Hasidic Jews who become embroiled in an Ecstasy smuggling ring. Philip Seymour Hoffman made a brief cameo at the Gersh Agency’s Sunday brunch, but then excused himself to watch the Jets game in a private room. Jon Gosselin, who’s at Sundance “taking meetings about walk-on movie roles,” has been spending most of his time PDAing in front of paparazzi with his new girlfriend. Around 3 a.m. Sunday, Stephanie Pratt was told to ditch her entourage if she wanted to get into Sundance’s Tao at the Lift. So she did. Heidi Montag is giving her mom Botox for Mother’s Day. And as Tiger Woods tries to sort out his life in a Mississippi sex-addiction clinic, Elin Nordegren is hanging out at Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre’s 460-acre estate nearby. Reportedly, her priority is saving the marriage, and his is saving his sponsorship deals.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi happened to be dining at Foxwoods near Jerry Springer, who requested an introduction. But Snooki refused, insisting, “I am way classier than that. We are not The Hills,” and now Springer denies ever having wanted to meet her. Speaking of classy, J-WOWW’s nude photos are being shopped around the Internet. J.Lo’s hitting the small screen, set to appear on Glee and to guest-star as a self-help writer on How I Met Your Mother. Chelsea Handler and E! CEO Ted Harbert, her boyfriend of nearly four years, have called it quits. Embroiled in breakup rumors, Brangelina met with a “high-powered L.A. lawyer last week,” but they say it was only to cover their assets, particularly given their $330 million combined net worth. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz (who’s still finalizing his divorce) are engaged. Glee’s Jane Lynch is set to wed her girlfriend, a psychologist who gained publicity for her win in a same-sex custody battle last year. And Sting and Trudie Styler, who’ve been known to boast about their tantric sex rituals, made out at Avenue twice this week.

Diddy was in a tizzy, thinking he’d lost the $5,000 gold crown he rented for his son to wear on his sweet sixteen. Fortunately, the headpiece was found in the back of a stylist’s car. Madonna threw Mercy a fifth-birthday party at Kidville on Columbus, entertaining guests like Sascha Seinfeld and her mother, Jessica. Kiefer Sutherland lost $869,000 in a Mexican cattle scam. Susan Boyle found an intruder in her Scottish home, causing her quite a fright. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush plan to show up at the Super Bowl in a discreet Vault XXL2 Limousine, a “tank/limo hybrid built with composite ballistic panels and bullet-resistant windows.” Harvey Keitel and Gordon Ramsay’s companies each got sued in Manhattan Supreme Courts yesterday for not paying their bills. Despite reports that CBS Films is slashing budgets after Harrison Ford’s Extraordinary Measures flopped both with critics and in the box office, they claim, “This is absolutely not true at all. Whoever told you this does not know what they are talking about. Extraordinary Measures played great to its audiences, who rated it very high.” K-Fed’s back from Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp, claiming he gained weight because he was depressed. But he’s thin and happy now.