Cameras Weren’t Saving Footage in Newark Airport Breach


Part of the reason for why thousands of passengers had to be evacuated from Newark International Airport this past holiday weekend was that security footage — which would have captured video of the man who entered the secure area through an exit point — did not remain recorded. So when federal agents frantically sought the man, they couldn’t scan back through the archived footage, and because the man couldn’t be immediately spotted and tracked on different cameras, every single other passenger in the secure area of the airport had to be evacuated so it could be searched. Eventually, a Continental Airlines camera that had recorded the man’s image was located, but federal officials have not released the footage.

It seems to us, every time this happens, when investigators or emergency management can’t look back to find out more information about a security breach, the less inclined they’re going to be to not store up naked pictures of all of us when they inevitably switch to full-body X-ray scans.

Camera Faulted in Newark Airport Breach [NYT]