Chuck Norris Warns of Obama’s ‘Secret Vault’


Increasingly hysterical action star Chuck Norris writes today of a “secret vault” at Interpol offices in New York in which President Obama plans to store “terrorists’ criminal records and evidence — and whatever else he and his Cabinet want to place in there,” safe from Freedom of Information Act requests. In truth, as Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff explains, Obama did sign an executive order granting Interpol’s New York offices immunity from FOIA requests — but only because “the office has files on suspected terrorists provided by the law-enforcement agencies of its member countries — and those agencies would be loath to share them if they thought their internal reports (including the names of informants, the transcripts of wiretaps, and other confidential evidence) might be made public.” The office’s “express purpose” is to facilitate “catching terrorists when they cross international borders.” We long for the days when Chuck Norris was known for kicking people in humorous ways.

Chuck Norris Hunts for Obama’s ‘Secret Vault’ as Interpol Conspiracy Theories Get Wilder [Declassified/Newsweek]