CNN Reporters Save Lives When They’re Not Reporting


While all the other news networks send reporters to Haiti to report, CNN sends theirs to save lives. Take Anderson Cooper, who witnessed a young boy get hit in the head with a brick. The bloodied boy tried to get up but couldn’t. So Anderson came to the rescue, carrying him to safety. Then there’s Sanjay Gupta, who is not just a reporter, but also a practicing neurosurgeon. While reporting in Port-au-Prince, Gupta received an urgent call from the USS Carl Vinson, which was docked outside of the city. There was a young girl on the ship with shrapnel stuck in her brain. A military helicopter flew Gupta to ship, where he removed the object. Now, he says, she’s “doing very well.” Your move Rick Sanchez.

Anderson in the midst of looting chaos [CNN]
CNN star performs brain surgery on US military ship [AFP]