Coakley Campaign Takes on the Democratic Party


Results from the Massachusetts special election probably won’t be in for at least an hour, but if the recent behavior of Democrat Martha Coakley’s campaign is any indication, she has already lost. Why else would a Coakley adviser release a memo blaming the national Democratic party for its troubles? The memo, which comes in response to D.C. chatter that Coakley’s issues are her own fault, argues that much of Republican Scott Brown’s success can be traced to his ability to capitalize on the failings of the national party (health care, cap and trade, Ben Nelson butt-kissing). There’s some more blather about how Afghanistan and the underwear bomber harmed Coakley. Really, the memo looks suspiciously like the kind of thing you’d write after you’ve already lost.

A Democratic party official did some memo sending of his own in response to Coakley’s adviser, blaming the campaign for not advertising, polling or conducting any voter outreach in the lead up to the election. “As Scott Brown himself conceded, this race wasn’t defined by feelings about the president. This race was defined by the lack of defining done by the Coakley campaign,” the memo said.

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