Come Rub Up Against the Salahis


The Las Vegas nightclub Pure is reportedly paying Michaele and Tareq Salahi $5,000 — plus a limo, a suite at Caesar’s Palace, dinner, and booze — to host a party at their fine establishment next weekend. So what do the Salahis actually have to do? Pretty much just stand there and let their guests bask in the aura of fleeting, ill-gotten fame, according to Pure’s PR director. “The Salahis met President Obama,” he says, “and you can come to Pure and meet the Salahis. Everyone gets their fifteen minutes, and people want to come to the club and rub up against that.” So the draw here, apparently, is to briefly meet, and possibly dry hump, someone who once briefly met President Obama. Sadly, we won’t make it to Pure next weekend, but maybe one day, if we’re lucky, we’ll meet someone who did.

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