Condoleezza Rice’s First Book Will Not Tell You What You Are Curious to Know


Condoleezza Rice’s first book from her two-tome deal with Crown will focus not on her years at the Bush White House, but rather on her “childhood in Birmingham, Ala., in the 1950s and ’60s against the backdrop of the civil rights movement,” the Times reports. It will focus on her role models, including her family. “After I left Washington it seemed important to write about how my very special parents, my extended family and so many mentors shaped me for the challenges that lay ahead,” said the former Stanford University provost, national security advisor, and secretary of State. “I decided that was the story I wanted to tell first.” We’re sure this will be good stuff, but we wouldn’t exactly run out to buy a book of hers because it promised insights into her heretofore private relationship with her parents.

Rice Reveals Details of First Memoir [NYT]