Congresswoman's Plan to Pass Health Care Reform: Ditch the Dudes


Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, representative of New Hampshire's fighting first district, presented a unique plan for passing a health care reform bill: let the women in Congress do it. According to Shea-Porter, women understand how to care for their relatives so they know how the health care system should change. She knows this from the extensive discussions conducted in the House restroom.

"We go to the ladies room and the Republican women and the Democratic women and we just roll our eyes," Shea-Porter said. "I'm not trying to diss the men but I'm telling you it's the truth that every single woman there has been responsible for taking care of a [relative] and so we think we can find a common ground there."

Sure, it may sound silly, but this is actually a fantastic idea. Now that we know exactly how to get an effective bipartisan bill passed, the men can go home and the women can bring all of their great ideas out of the bathroom and to the House floor. Democrats have just been saved!

Dem lawmaker: Congress could pass health reform if men were 'sent home' [The Hill]