Continuum in Bid to Shut Down St. Vincent’s


The last Catholic hospital in the city is being eyed by a massive rival conglomerate for purchase and a massive scaling-down. Continuum Health Partners, which runs Beth Israel, St. Luke’s, and Roosevelt Hospital, has announced a plan to take over St. Vincent’s, thereby rescuing it from pressure from creditors. Their plan also includes a proposal to turn the facility into a community care center, shutting down “all acute care” units in less than three months, scaling back its regional trauma and emergency services, but perhaps expanding its ambulatory and outpatient care. Creditors who hold $300 million in debt from the hospital back the plan, which would leave all of lower West Manhattan without a hospital. Think about the serious implications of this: There’ll be no hospital that specifically serves the West Village, Soho, and Tribeca. What happens when a celebrity has a minor injury? How will the paparazzi know where to go?