Dating Website Kicks Off 5,000 Members for Being Fat


In a publicity stunt even more aggressive than the actual existence of the website itself, the founders of the dating site claim they have forced 5,000 members to reapply because they got too fat to be among their attractive clientele. This, naturally, has commenters across the Internet going wild. Upon hearing the news, our first reaction was, “If you signed up for a dating website for only people who think they are super-attractive, you deserve whatever you get.” Our second reaction, of course, was to go to the site and check it out. Unfortunately, because of the news, it’s overloaded and you can’t log on. But when the attention cools down, you can bet we’re going to go right back and click on the “browse” button on the bottom of the welcome page. You know, the one that says: “Too ugly to sign up? Click here to browse as a guest.” Because gleefully and resentfully poking around a world full of self-selected, self-obsessed strivers who are desperately lonely and yet think they are too hot to interact with most other people is basically our life here in New York, anyway.

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