Reid and Schumer Try to Snuff Out Harold Ford Jr.’s Potential Senate Run


In the past couple days both Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer tried to prevent New Yorker-come-lately Harold Ford Jr. from running against Kirsten Gillibrand in a Democratic primary. Reid spoke to Mayor Bloomberg about it yesterday, urging him not support Ford’s potential run. Yesterday also happened to be the day that Bloomberg and his 2009 campaign manager had lunch with Ford. Bread breaking notwithstanding, Bloomberg told Reid that he probably won’t support Ford anyway.

That discussion came a day after Chuck Schumer met with Ford in the Senator’s Midtown office, where he tried to convince the former Tennessee congressman not to run. Schumer’s strategy was to list for Ford all the reasons why he would lose. We’re guessing he left out the biggest reason why Ford would win: New York loves a carpetbagger.

Schumer Asks Ford not to Challenge Gillibrand