Dominic Carter's Son Ratted Him Out


The Post has gotten to the bottom of why police visited NY1 reporter Dominic Carter's New Jersey home this week: it seems Carter's son, 17, told a school guidance counselor that he'd seen blood and a broken hanger on the floor of his older sister's bedroom, and the counselor reported it to the police. Carter, who will face sentencing for attempted assault on Thursday that could lead to up to three months in jail, vehemently denies that another assault has taken place:

"When the report is released, you'll see that there's no allegation of violence. There's nothing. You'll see there's not a single allegation of me striking anyone."

We're actually inclined to believe Carter this time based on this report -- there's nothing about blood or a broken hanger in a teenage girl's room that points specifically to spousal abuse, and disgraced Carter has every reason to be cleaning up his act.

Carter's son told of 'blood' [NYP]