Don’t Show Off Your Breast Implants If You Work at Condé Nast


An employee at Brides magazine was fired from Condé Nast because she showed her new breast implants off to close friends in the privacy of her office. Apparently 4 Times Square has been buzzing over the incident since the holidays, which didn’t even involve nipple — as the silicone in question was safely covered by a sports bra. Having read Vogue, Glamour, and GQ for years, we know that Condé as an organization is certainly not against exposed chests or breast augmentation. So we have to assume sports bras are the problem. This could be potentially very bad news for the staff of Self. [NYP] Related: Check out our complete coverage of Condé Nast’s long 2009, and Steve Fishman’s profile of chairman Si Newhouse from last May.