Ellen Barkin Isn’t Done Taking Ron Perelman’s Money


Back in 2005, a year before Ron Perelman and Ellen Barkin divorced, the couple started a production company with Barkin’s brother George. Being the only billionaire in the group, Perelman was chosen as the financier. But when he and Barkin split in 2006, Perelman decided he wouldn’t give any money to the company. So Barkin sued. And as she did with her massive divorce settlement, Barkin won.

Now Perelman has to pay Applehead Pictures the $3.4 million he promised the company before the divorce, plus interest. That means Applehead finally has enough money to actually start producing movies. Why, with $3.4 million they could pay for three of Taylor Lautner’s abs!

Ellen Barkin Wrings $3.4 Million Out of Ron Perelman