Eric Trump Was ‘Blown Away’ By His Insane Birthday Cake


I was totally blown away,” the Trump spawn told Daily Intel of the heart-shaped, army-fatigued, machine-gun bedecked cake presented to him by his girlfriend , Laura, and a few guy friends on his 26th birthday last night. “No pun intended.” What was the significance of the dead bird in the corner, we asked. Was it a dove of peace that had been killed dead because Trump was an insane warmonger? “No, no,” Trump protested. “It was just a guy gag gift. We’re big outdoorsman. It is certainly not because I’m a warmonger,” he protested. “In fact,” he added. “I disagree with the war overseas.” Onscreen though, truth be told, he loves war. “I also got Rambo in my stocking this year.” [via Cityfile]