Finally, a Subway Masturbator Who Stands Up for Himself


New York's subway masturbators, once caught, have a history of acting meek and ashamed about their behavior. Once exposed — if you will — they usually try to skulk away or mumble excuses like "my private parts just fell out," etc. Not so Joseph Boyd, who spoke up for himself Wednesday morning when a 19-year-old on a southbound No. 2 train demanded he stop jerking off. According to the Post, Boyd replied:

"I'm doing my business, you do yours!"

The teenager then flagged down a cop, and Boyd was arrested on charges of public lewdness and menacing. But looking at this story, we can't help but wonder who's really being menacing, here.

Is it the man quietly giving his nethers a massage, or the person who rudely interrupted his session by demanding he stop, then threw an extra bucket of cold water on him by having him arrested? Why do we automatically assume subway masturbating isn't okay? Clearly, a lot of people are interested in it. All we're saying is, let's have a dialogue.

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